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INTRODUCTION: Will you go through this year with your own strengths or God’s strength? You must answer that question. Hosea 1:7.

The saving grace you need this year will not be by any human strength. Not by your connection. Not by knowing people in Abuja. Faith in your certificate? If there is anything men nee in life, it is to be independent. We want to be on our own without looking up to anybody. Relying on our abilities. Men want to do things on their own, forgetting that human strength is full of disappointment. It is when we fail that we remember God. This year, start with God because we are full of limitations. Human strength cannot give us the desired breakthrough. King Saul relied on his armour but could not face Goliath. He still offered it to David. Have you asked your self why Saul could not use the armour to face Goliath by himself? How much of God you have this year will determine how far you can go this year. Stop relying on human strength. Embrace the Holy spirit. The true source of power is the Holy spirit. Rely on Him and you will see the difference. Do away with sins. Do away with iniquity. What about Ezekiel and the dry bones? Man of God shall these bones live? Ezekiel did not argue with God. He told God that God knows. Learn how to empty yourself before God so that God can fill you. Ezekiel did it and dry bones came back to live.

What is not appropriate for God’s people to do.

1. Not to put your trust on any human armour, gadget or security. Some think that the barrack is the safest place to be. Some people think that it is all about the installation of CCTV in their houses. Some rely on telephone apps. Countries know the weaknesses of each other. Some go for charms.

2. Do not rely on human protection. Stop relying on human power and those things that are not of God. Look at Gideon’s experience in judges 7. Look at how David used ordinary stone to destroy a giant. Don’t make the mistake of relying on your strength this year. Cry unto God and he will answer you. Stop believing on human protection. Nehemiah 2:9-12. In the night, he went out alone. Nehemiah arose in the night without his military protection. Today many men of God go out with human protection, body guards etc. Some rely on charms and babalawo. One day they will shown them the grave of the babalawo. Why don’t you rely on the one that cannot die? Romans 8:31. If God be for you who can be against you.

3. Don’t rely on human wisdom. Your wisdom will fail you. 1 corinthians 2:1. Paul was a pharisee and lawyer before he became born-again but when he became born-again, he did not rely on his human wisdom.

4. Never rely on human wealth. Because of your achievements and your financial status you think you don’t need God? Thank God for whatever you are making financially. Remember that your whole annual salary could be somebody’s monthly tithe. Remember the rich fool. Don’t ever rely on your wealth. They have wings and can fly out any time. Revelation 3:17-18. They thought they were rich. They relied on their wealth. They thought they were rich but they were naked and poor.


1. Allow the spirit of God to fill you. You need God in every aspect of your life. Always empty yourself. Always see yourself as being dependent on God. Always ask for God’s help. Let the Holy spirit supply the wisdom. Let the Holy spirit lead you in your choices. Before you take any step ask the Holy spirit to lead you. Pray in the Holy spirit. The more you pray in the holy spirit the more enlightenment you get.

2. You must acknowledge that you depend on God completely. Depend on the Holy spirit alone this year. If you find it difficult to depend on him, His power cannot be available for you.

3. Move closer to the word of God. Always seek what God said about anything. Go to the word of God this year. Be willing to make yourself available for Him. Some of you are running away. Be willing. Before you embark on any journey, contact God. People have lost their lives by wearing the wrong clothes. Contact God even in your dressing.

Conclusion. The needful must be done. If you are here and you have not given your life to Jesus Christ, Holy spirit is not for you. If you don’t have relationship with God you don’t have anything to do with His strength. If you want to have the Holy spirit and you have not accepted Jesus as your saviour, come out now.


1. Father, the Grace to hate sins, please release to me.

2. Father, please help me to obey you completely.

3. Father, please come with me. I don’t want to be alone.

4. Father, please carry me upon your shoulder.

5. Father, please show me your glory on daily basis.

6. Father, please rescue me from all my enemies.

7. Father, please fill my emptiness.

8. Father, please I need more of you and less of me.

9. Father, please turn all my foolishness to wisdom